& Construction Industry

PLURIPANEL is characterized by a manufacturing facility located in the heart of Tuscany. The company is a business leader in the creation and sale of insulation panels of various types and finishes, allowing versatility in the use of the product for all the applications requiring resistance, functionality and design. PLURIPANEL also produces Refrigerator Doors, Industrial Doors, Commercial Cold Room, Profiles and Accessories, enabling you to meet multiple operational requirements in various sectors, such as:

- Industrial Freezing and Refrigeration
- Food industry Laboratories
- Clean rooms for the pharmaceutical
- Clean rooms for the microelectronics industry
- Roofs and walls for industrial buildings
- Partitions and ceilings for the hospital sector
- Compartments for offices and commercial activities

From an organizational point of view, PLURIPANEL is able to follow the entire evolution of a project, from the initial analysis stage until the delivery of the work, by dealing directly with the installation of the manufactured products. In order to offer an even more personalized service and attention to details, we take a special care of the assembling and installation of the products through our highly qualified team of specialists. Our mission is technological innovation. We have already achieved significant results thanks to the introduction of PIR foam in our production process and the achivement of the certifications B-s1,d0 B-s2,d0 and EI.