Pluripanel is the range of small refrigerators up to a maximum of 14 cubic metres, and is the response to a growing demand for a product that is easy to install, with a high quality standard, a single thickness of mm. 80 (70mm for the floor) suited for both positive and negative temperatures. They can be supplied, upon request, with a monobloc type refrigerator with and shelves.

The Smart Cold rooms series , is currently the company’s flagship product. It gathers together all of our know how gained in over 30 years of experience.

The door panel can be positioned at any point on the perimeter of the cell and on every side. No preset positions for the vertical panels.


THICKNESS: Panels e ceiling 80mm, floor 70mm.
COATING OF WALLS AND CEILING: RAL 9010 white prepainted zinc plates plastic cladding SANISTEEL® ,certified for contact with food with products.
INTERNAL COATING OF FLOOR: plastified 8/10 mm Anti-Slip
INSULATION: rigid polyurethane with average density ± 40 kg/mc CFC free.
CORNER PIECES: Internal and external, rounded, preformed in corner panel.
FLOOR: Walking floor ( reinforced on demand).
DOORS: Standard size net of passage mm 700x2000h equipped with external handle with key, and internal safety release visible in the dark, hinges with lifting ramps and ready for optional condensation proofing.
PACKAGING: The materials are delivered on wooden pallets, enclose with band straps and with application of extendible film and heat-shrinking film.
PROTECTION: Provided by application of scratch-proof polyvylene chloride adhesive film. The perimeter area of the panels will be provided with a perforated closed polyethylene cell sealant at the level of the eccentric catches to provide protection over time against the ageing process of the polyurethane due to exposure to UV rays.


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